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PRISME is a Danish ensemble specializing in church concerts throughout the country. They have both classical and folk music backgrounds and the repertoire is primarily Nordic and Celtic folkmusic, the musicians’ own compositions and beautiful arrangements of hymns. PRISME's music is uplifting and evocative – "heartmusic" as called by many.

PRISME concerts are stirring and personal, with a beautiful and unusual combination of instruments not often heard in the church. Each concert forms a unity, with applause only at the end. This allows for greater serenity, an invitation to plum the depths of the music. Audiences often respond to a PRISME concert as a “holistic and warm musical experience”.


Povl Chr. Balslev                                          Organist, cantor, carilloneur (chimes and church bells) and composer.                       Diploma in church music from the Royal  Danish Music Conservatory. Concerts all   over Europe as well as the USA and Japan.                                                 Composer of songs, hymns, organ music, choir works, opera and music for CD-rom productions.                                                Folk high school/hoejskole teacher 1995-1998. Organist Otterup Church 1998-2002.       Since 2002 organist and carilloneur for the Church of Our Lady, Svendborg; also teaches courses at Loegum Monastery School of Church Music.                                                 

Louise Ring Vangsgaard                                 Has played Danish and Swedish folk music throughout her career.                       Educated at the Center for Rhythm and Movemen 1998.                                  Member of the contemporary folk band Instinkt. Plays at Irish balls (Ceílídh) with the Aarhus All-Star Ceílídh Band, school concerts with Speed the Strings as well as children’s concerts with Michael og Krudtuglerne/Michael and the Hypers, among others.           Member of Moving Cloud (Irish traditional music) from 1996-2006.                      Teaches music at music schools and folk high schools.                                                  Studio musician for Esben Langkniv and Jette Torp, among others.


Janet Vahl                                                  Music teacher at Vaerløse Music School for many years (piano, recorder). Afterwards autodidact folk musician (accordion, violin) alongside extensive composing, her music often referred to as "heartmusic".         Former member of the folk music group Gammel Dansk/Old Danish, member and subsequently leader of Gladsaxe Spillemands-laug/Gladsaxe Fiddlers Guild and orchestra leader at Tingluti Music School. From 1990-2005 member of the wellknown folk group Kvindfolk.                                                    Plays in churches for special services and in 2005 started the church ensemble PRISME

Anne Marie Host Mortensen                            State certified music instructor from Fyns Music Conservatory with supplementary studies in Denmark and Ireland under Helen Davies and Máire Ní Chathasaigh.              Choir leader for Fynsk Fuga/Fynen Fugue from 1996-2006.                                   Member of renaissance ensemble Via Artis Konsort and the medieval ensemble Legerne/The Players and Kvartetten/The Quartet.                                                     Also teaches music at a music school and as a music therapist.                                  


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